Why Choose Us

Dr. Sumana Ketha, MD is compassionate and caring provider with 25+ Years of Experience and Expertise, Quality and Perfection in delivering services to those in need.
Dr. Ketha graduated from the Guntur Medical College, India in 1991 and Obtained her MD in Internal Medicine from Penn State University. Dr. Ketha specializes in Internal Medicine and affiliated with Baylor Scott & White with her team covering most of DFW Locations.
Our long time focus in this geography and expertise to deliver care in coordination with home health agencies along with teams that respond to online communications promptly simplifies the process involved with serving patients that are being cared at home!

We ensure a quality and comprehensive experience at each visit.

Dr.ketha is so compassionate and helpful. She takes time to understand the problem. She knows about my insurance plan and in giving me a referral, she called the specialist to make sure he took my insurance.


Dr.ketha is the best Doctor in town who knows her job, very professional team members they have.
I would love to highly recommend this Doctor in Irving TX.


They have such a nice and friendly team. The doctors and nurses are the best and caring nurses I have ever seen. I truly believe in there home bound patient services and the great work they do.

Suresh C

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